Energy Transfer Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of Quantech air-cooled chillers to our product offerings.



Quantech is the fast, efficient and dependable answer to critical replacement chiller needs.  
Available in 15- to 210-ton capacities.
Delivered from inventory in two to five business days.

Quantech: a new name, but not a new chiller manufacturer. Manufactured by Johnson Controls, providing a track record of exceptional reliability, the result of over 140 years of engineering excellence.


Quantech offers Air-Cooled Scroll Compressor Chillers in QTC2 (15-50TR) and QTC3 (55-175TR) with standard:

  • Scroll compressors - reliable, proven design & two part independent circuits for partial redundancy
  • Heat exchangers - high efficiency brazed plate evaporators, advance microchannel condensers
  • Fast installation and commissioning with native communications protocols
  • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-2013 standards
  • 18-50% annual energy cost savings over comparable chillers
  • Manufactured by JCI
  • Stock availability updates HOURLY from Quantech factory
  • Delivery within 2-5 business days of order
  • Click here to view the current Quantech inventory list.


Also available QTC4 160-210TR Air-Cooled Variable Speed Drive Screw Chillers:

  • Hybrid falling film type evaporators for optimal efficiency and refrigerant charge
  • 25-50% annual energy cost savings over comparable chillers
  • Micro-channel type condenser for maximum heat transfer and minimum refrigerant charge
  • Variable primary flow (VPF) system to reduce the chilled liquid flow to match the building demand
  • Manufactured by JCI
  • Built-to-order and delivered in 8-10 weeks

To learn more about Quantech chillers or how to incorporate this fast, efficient and dependable solution into your next project, please contact your Energy Transfer Solutions Sales Engineer, call 610-444-0333, or complete the below form.

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