Back To School: LG Training Academy Schedule


LG-Training-AcademyLG offers a broad array of training courses at the LG Training Academy in Secaucus, NJ. From their basic Engineering & Product classes for building owners, all the way to Installation, Commissioning and Advanced Service classes for contractors. Review the current courses to see which ones are right for you.

Below are the courses and dates for LG TRAINING CLASSES offered to contractors, project managers, engineers, architects, and building owners through the end of September:  

Upcoming Courses – Enroll Today Before the Classes Are Full!

8/18 - 8/20     MULTI V IV Commissioning (MLV 02)
8/21     LG VNET Controls (CON 01)
8/25 - 8/26     Installation Essentials (MLV01) 
8/27 - 8/28     Operations and Maintenance (MLV 08)
9/3     Engineering and Product Training (MLV 04)
9/4     LG VNET Controls (CON 01)
9/8     Installation Essentials (MLV01)
9/10 - 9/11     Advanced Service (MLV 03)
9/15     Installation Essentials (MLV01)
9/16 - 9/17     Multi V Commissioning (MLV 02)
9/24 - 9/25     Operations and Maintenance (MLV 08)
9/29 - 9/30     Advanced Service (MLV 03)

For further details, or to register for classes, contact your Energy Transfer Solutions Sales Engineer or call 610-444-0333.