Preventative Action: Evapco Water Treatment Systems

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Posted by Katherine Bartlett on Feb 11, 2016 9:14:09 AM


As recent U.S. events in Flint, MI and New York City raise the awareness of water pollution, bacteria and cleanliness, it is important to review methods to keep the water in your evaporative cooling equipment clean and safe. Through our friends at Evapco, we are able to test and recommend chemical and non-chemical water treatment systems that link into your new or existing cooling equipment to control biological growth, scale buildup and equipment corrosion.

The Evapco Smart Shield is a solid chemistry, skid-mounted water treatment system designed for open cooling systems. Smart Shield is available in two unique systems: Controlled Release and Monitored Release. The Controlled Release system is designated for open-circuit cooling towers and remote sump applications. For a 30-day period the Controlled Release Feeder provides corrosion and scale inhibitor. A Monitored Release system is designed to provide corrosion and scale inhibitor chemistry for systems that are larger or have a higher inhibitor demand than can be satisfied by the Controlled Release. The Monitored Release system utilizes an advanced inhibitor probe to automatically monitor and maintain inhibitor residual throughout the evaporating cooling water application regardless of the variation in the system’s thermal load.

Evapco’s Pulse~Pure is an environmentally safe, non-chemical water treatment system utilizing pulsed-power technology to provide water treatment with no harmful by-products. The Pulse~Pure technology controls the formation of mineral scale and microbial growth by creating “seed crystals” from small suspended particles in circulating cooling water. These crystals allow for agglomeration, trapping bacteria and other particles restricting their growth. These crystals ultimately settle out in the bottom of the basin as non-adherent powder allowing for clean heat transfer surfaces. Additionally, the Pulse~Pure technology controls microbiological growth through electroporation in which the bacteria’s walls are damaged by the pulsed electric fields and result in extremely low levels of bacteria count.

For additional information, or to discover which Water Treatment System best serves your evaporative cooling equipment, please contact Energy Transfer Solutions for a water treatment assessment.