BMIL Technologies, LLC Refrigerated Warehouses and Cold Storage Solutions

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Posted by Kelly Duffy on Dec 22, 2020 9:24:59 AM
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BMIL Technologies, LLC Refrigerated Warehouses and Cold Storage Solutions
BMIL Technologies, LLC has been helping our customers turn their cold storage ideas into affordable, efficient, and sturdy realities for more than 65 years. Allow your dreams and thoughts of a new refrigerated warehouse solution be written, refined, designed, manufactured, shipped, built, and utilized within a reasonable budget.


When it comes to storing pharmaceuticals, you need more than just another pharmacy freezer. With BMIL’s pharmaceutical cold storage, you get redundancy, reliability, and efficiency with temperature monitoring.
Cold Food Storage
From large walk-in rooms for grocery stores and beer purveyors to small walk-in freezers and coolers for restaurants, our cold and frozen food storage units are built to keep things at the right temperature.
Warehouse and Refridgerated Storage
  • Rack Supported Design
  • Self-Supporting Designs
  • Suspended Ceiling Designs
  • Exterior Pre-Engineered Metal Building Designs
Vaccine storage is a critical element in the pharmaceutical industry race for disease control solutions. It is noted that vaccine storage conditions are important for the viability and effectiveness of vaccines.  BMIL can help with creating custom vaccine storage options to meet different needs. If you need a freezer and refrigerator vaccine storage option, no problem!  We can help you create cold rooms and equipment that will provide for long term active and reliable service.  

Importance of Vaccine Storage

The importance of appropriate storage of vaccines and the materials they are manufactured from cannot be overstated. In fact, in some views, the most important element of administering vaccines is the cold chain that protects the materials for manufacturing, and the vaccines that are produced.  In some cases, vaccines or their component materials must remain frozen at -20 C.  In other cases, vaccines and their component materials must remain cold at 2 to 8 C.  BMIL has been delivering solutions for decades for vaccines that are utilized in fighting many diseases.  In fact, BMIL is presently active in providing cold storage rooms for COVID19 vaccines and their component materials.
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International Supplier of Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment

BMIL specializes in the design, engineering, and packaging of commercial and industrial refrigeration projects worldwide. With over 65 years of experience in virtually every area of the world, our capabilities are unmatched by any other company.

BMIL Cold Storage Benefits

  • Double-return flanges on the panel skins securely anchor metal to foam.
  • Caulk-free joints and precisely molded urethane tongues and grooves on panel edges assure a snug fit and minimize heat transfer.
  • Best of all, our renowned fully insulated, energy-efficient 4″, 5″ or 6″ (101, 127, 152mm) panels drastically lower your energy costs when utilizing BMIL’s refrigeration equipment available with a wide range of refrigerants, including alternative refrigerants R134a, R404A and R507.
  • Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated die-formed interior and exterior with choice of rugged, good-looking finishes. Available in galvalume steel, aluminum, stainless steel, white, and sand tan polyester finish, or architectural profile.
  • Packaged refrigeration system, including alternative refrigerants wide selection of doors, from hinged or sliding, manual or power-operated.
  • All doors are constructed with heavy-duty steel.
  • Vestibules available.
  • Slab-urethane insulated floor, with optional custom materials tailored to specific job sites.
  • Maintenance-free heights up to 27’8″ (8.43m) in a single tier, and higher with multi-tier panels.
  • Consistent temperatures, -20 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Reliable low humidity conditions, frost reduction, and mold prevention.
  • Operator-friendly controls for easy monitoring of temperature and humidity.
  • Significant energy savings for lower power consumption when compared to traditional refrigeration systems

Frio Verde offers an ultra-high efficiency refrigeration system to improve the efficiency of standard condensing units. The Frio Verde patented systems utilize cascade mechanical sub-cooling to achieve efficiencies not available on standard single compressor refrigeration systems.

This system uses a high-efficiency refrigerant in the high-temperature system to give the low-temperature system more capacity at lower power consumption. The high-temperature system operates at very high efficiency, so the overall cascade system is much more efficient than standard single compressor refrigeration systems on the market.

For quality (which includes consistency), the high-temperature cascade system is factory assembled and charged with refrigerant. This means that the installer will run a liquid line and a suction line from the condensing unit to the evaporator, the same as in the past. The one thing that the installer must do differently, insulates both the liquid line and the suction line. Additionally, the thermal expansion valve has to be sized for 50 deg. F liquid instead of 100 deg. F liquid.

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